Wildest Finland: Incredible Nature in 4K

Watch this video to see beautiful Finnish scenery from various locations. You will see relaxing shots from Finland countryside that showcases wild animals and lakes.

Experience the diverse beauty of this land from green and sunny locations to snowy winter forests. Finland will not cease to amaze you in this relaxing 4K video.

Experience some unforgettable and amazing sunsets and endless amount of snow.

Some of Locations filmed in 4K are: Lake Pielinen, Nuuksio National Park and Helsinki.

⌚ Highlights
01:04 - Lake Pielinen
02:44 - Lake in Pallas Yllstunturi National Park
03:05 - Koivusuo Strict Nature Reserve
04:15 - Nuuksio National Park
05:27 - Lapland
07:31 - Espoo
09:20 - Brown bear
10:15 - Helsinki
10:28 - Hanko Village
12:07 - Koutalaki Village
13:12 - Sled Driving with Huskies

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