Nature in Your Classroom - Biodiversity

Welcome to another Nature in Your Classroom Livestream! Our Watershed on Wheels educators are live on YouTube with curriculum-connected lessons about the natural world! As you tune in along with other classes across the GTA, you and your students can ask questions via the chat in real-time during the livestream lesson (note: you’ll need a YouTube account to use the chat function).

On November 4th, our lesson will address biodiversity. We will share examples of various organisms that live in the GTA and highlight interrelationships between them. The curriculum addressed in this livestream is Grade 6 Science, Biodiversity.

We will focus on the following big ideas:
- Biodiversity includes diversity of individuals, species, and ecosystems
- Because all living things are connected, maintaining diversity is critical to the health of the planet
- Humans make choices that can have an impact on biodiversity

If you’re sharing this with students after the livestreaming has finished and would like to print off a worksheet for students to fill out during the video, you may request one by emailing Raja Raudsepp at

We’ll be broadcasting every other week for various grades to take part, so keep your eyes on the TRCA events page: Our next topic on November 18th is seasonal changes for grade 1 classes.
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