MTAR Technologies Stock Analysis

In this video we have discussed about MTAR technologies. Following points are covered-
1. business Model of mtar technologies
2. Moats (competitive advantage) of mtar technologies
3. Growth drivers of mtar
4. financial analysis of mtar technologies
5. Valuation of mtar technologies

MTAR is leading national player in precision engineering industry engaged in the manufacture of mission critical precision components with close tolerances (5-10 microns),and in critical assemblies, to serve projects of high national importance, through our precision machining, assembly, testing, quality control, and specialized fabrication competencies, some of which have been indigenously developed and manufactured. Since its inception in 1970, MTAR has grown into a major group with state-of-the art facilities with unparalleled history of contributing to Indian Civilian Nuclear Power program, Indian Space program, Indian Defence , Global Defence, as well as Global Clean Energy sectors.

The company has the machining, assembly, specialized fabrication, painting and special processes facilities available under one roof, which are probably considered as one of the best facilities available in India, as well as in Asia.

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Disclaimer- This video is for educational Purpose. Kindly consult your financial advisor before investing your money.
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