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Message from CEO

I have the honor of being invited to be a guest speaker at reputed & esteem educational institutions.

One of the questions commonly asked by the students is "What are the challenges we would face when we start our job"?

I always update the students that when they complete their Graduation or Masters and get into jobs in the IT industry or related to IT industry it is common to be faced with many technologies and solutions at all the levels. Whether it is Infrastructure layer, Intermediate layer, Application layer or the Business and Operations layer there is innumerable Digital technologies and solutions to be evaluated for their desired outcomes.

During the initial stage itself it is good to get to know about the basics of Digital era, as we all know today Digital world is a must to be adopted.

So we created this first part of the video which is dedicated to the students, non IT Professionals, Home makers and also it could be a quick brush-up for the IT & technology professional’s. Please watch it.

This is the second video and covers the following technologies of how they are used in the Digital World.

Digital Artificial Intelligence
Digital Machine Learning
Digital Deep Learning
Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
Digital Computer Vision
Digital UX/CX
Digital XAAS
Digital Data Science
Digital Edge Computing
Digital Hyper Automation
Digital Advanced Analytics

Video is prepared for Knowledge Sharing purpose to benefit Students, non IT Professionals, Home makers and for the IT & technology professional’s.

Hope you would like this video for the Advanced Learning of Digital Definitions.

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