6G Mobile Wireless Comms - Vision, Roadmap, Technologies & Use Cases: 6G Use Cases & Applications

After our successful launch of '5G for Absolute Beginners' course (http://bit.ly/5Gbegins) in 2020, we have decided to create an introductory training course on 6G Mobile Wireless Communications technology. We will be working on this over the next few months and new videos will be added as and when they are ready.

In this part we will look at some of the newer 6G use cases and applications as well as the existing ones that may not be satisfied with 5G. While we discuss some of the use cases in this video / presentation, you have to remember that the final use cases would be dependent on the requirements as well as the evolution of devices and other supporting technologies.

00:00 Start
00:22 5G High Level Vision & Use Cases
01:15 AR, VR, MR & XR (Extended Reality)
04:38 Collaboration over Immersive XR
05:46 Digital Twins
07:21 Hologram
07:50 Holoportation / Holographic Telepresence
08:19 Teleportation
09:48 Samsung 6G Vision
10:15 NTT Docomo 6G Use Cases
10:58 Ericsson’s 2030 Trends: Internet of Senses
11:39 Enabling Vertical Markets with Network 2030
12:03 ETRI: 6G Usage Elements and Scenarios
12:57 6G Flagship: Scenarios for 6G Business
13:27 5G vs 6G Use Case Comparison
15:06 References

This course is part of #Free6Gtraining initiative (https://www.free6gtraining.com/)

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